2023 Colors That ROCK!

2023 Colors That ROCK!

Alright ladies, we are INTO the New Year, so let's talk FASHION COLORS! Every year, Pantone comes out with what will be the hottest colors of the year. 

  • Viva Magenta:  Described by Pantone as ‘powerful and empowering’, it’s definitely not a shade to be missed!
  • Earthy Orange: This is not just a fall color. Pantone says the shade has connotations of creativity, sensuality and abundance. 
  • Olive Green: This is a shade most often associated with casual.
  • Pale Pink: Soft, feminine pink. This color is affiliated with love, nurturing and self care. 
  • Tranquil Blue: These blues range from pastel shades to azure, and turquoise, all adding a tranquil!
  • Yellow: This is a mood boosting color! Sunny, happy yellow is the color of optimism. 
  • Creige: Remember the "greige" last year? Meet the sister! A mixture of cream and beige, a new neutral for the fashion.
  • Molten Metallics: These colors will provide you with a radiant glow

Follow next week as we start breaking down each color with when and how to wear them!


xxoo Modish

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