Are You A One Piece Suit Girl?

Are You A One Piece Suit Girl?

When it come's to swimwear, there are so many different styles. And if you're anything like me, which I feel most women are, it's easy to get overwhelmed with options. 

So let's talk about the different options. Of course the basics: one or two piece. But then it gets even more complex.

Maillot: the traditional one piece. Scoop neck, two straps that are thicker than spaghetti style 

Racerback: typically more of an "athletic" style. The racerback allows for full movement of the arms.

Bandeau Swimsuit: a strapless top where the fabric is usually pleated or gathered in the middle.

Monokini: the original design left the ta ta's completely exposed. It's now evolved a bit and has the sides nearly cut out giving off the apperance of a bikini with the top and bottoms connected by a thin strap. 

Swim dress: a suit with a built in skirt for added coverage in the stomach, legs and booty. 

Now, to decide what style is best for you?? 


xxoo Modish

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