Are your pores open?

Are your pores open?

With summer comes sunscreen, sweat, parties and too much sugar. So what does that mean for your face? Larger pores and more clogged pores.....then those pesky pimples. Let's fight it before it even starts!!

  • Exfoliate girl! Do this regularly. Remember, this keeps the dead skin off your face and the gunk out of your pores. Breakouts happen when your pores are clogged and you start sweating. Do this AT LEAST 3 times per week
  •  Skip the moisturizer: ya I know how that sounds! A lot of them have wax in them as a base, which in turn can clog pores, especially in the heat. Try using a serum and facial mist to let your skin breathe
  • Stay hydrated! Remember that facial mist I just talked about? Well take some with you everywhere you go. And make sure it has Aloe in it as the first ingredient. Not only is it soothing, but it fights the bacteria that causes acne
  • Slather on the vitamins before bed: A, E and C are your summer go-to's

Let's keep your skin looking fresh all summer long!


xxoo Modish

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