Athleisure Or BUST!

Athleisure Or BUST!

What exactly is "athleisure wear"? Well, it's clothing that can be worn both for general wear or exercise. This style is both practical and fashionable. It's the great mix for a busy schedule but without feeling "blah" in our outfit. 

How can you crush this vibe?

  • Mix sports pieces into your wardrobe for a balanced look
  • Mix pieces and layer
  • Mix fabrics
  • Don't just throw on any "old" pieces you'd wear to the gym
  • Don't forget to accessories and jazz it up with jewels
  • Don't go overboard trying to "be" the style, just be yourself 

You don't always have be dressed to the nines to look and feel good. Athleisure wear has put a new spin on that for sure! Cute and comfy is the new fab!

xxoo Modish

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