Back To School Kiddos

Back To School Kiddos

Even if your kiddo isn't starting school for the first time, back to school is a big change. We've had all summer long to stay up late, sleep eat, snack when we want and just have fun. But now it's time to buckle down and get that routine back in order! 

How can we make the return to school easier for our kiddos?

  • Check out the school and classroom before the first day: get the acquainted and excited
  • Include a note in their lunch box: make sure they know you're thinking of them throughout the day.
  • Go school shopping: pick out that first day outfit and the fun supplies that they'll need, this will get them excited.
  • Encourage them to pursue something they love: whether it be a sport or activity, encourage them to do something they want to do.

School can be scary, for parents and kiddos, but hey, make sure you have the best back to school outfit, and you'll be ready to roll! (mom too, wink wink)


xxoo Modish

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