Beat The Winter Skin

Beat The Winter Skin

Yikes, the heaters are running full blast! The temperature outside is officially COLD AF! And now your skin feels it too. If you're anything like me, your skin takes a winter beating, but let's talk about ways to combat that and get ahead of the "dry skin" game!

  • Always use a lip treatment
  • Turn on your humidifier, especially by your bed
  • Moisturize BEFORE the dry skin appears
  • Don't dry off completely, let that humidity stay on your skin
  • Limit physical exfoliation products
  • Lower house temperature-that warm air really dries the skin
  • Take shorter or colder showers- I know, sounds impossible!
  • Carry toner with you
  • Wear moisturizer whenever you go out
  • Apply sunscreen

Don't let the chilly days and heated households take over your skin!

xxoo Modish

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