Boots Boots Boots

Boots Boots Boots

The best shoes for winter...BOOTS!! You can get them in so many different styles and "warmth". You can take an outfit from casual to fab with just the shoes! So how do you know which ones to pick?

  • Cowboy boots: hot damn these are taking a big front stage entrance this year!! 
  • The Knee-High boot: these can be great to dress up your skirt, denim or leggings! Not to mention, throw on your boot socks and WHOA!
  • Faux-Animal boots: Low-key luxury with a touch of grit
  • Chelsea Style: up just over the ankle in a smooth, lace-free design with slightly pointed toes, slightly raised heels and elastic sides
  • Rain boots: more of the casual vibe, but hey we all need that
  • Winter/Snow boots: look girl, we know you need to stay warm too!
  • Duck boots: rubber bottoms that cover most of the foot that are visibly stitched to leather uppers that extend past the ankle

Boots are literally the BEST! And I'll be honest, you can NEVER have too many!!


xxoo Modish

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