Can You Wear White?

Can You Wear White?

Alright, we've all heard the roomer, no white after Labor Day. Well I'm going to put a squash on that! Pull out those gorgeous white sweaters ladies and we can make sure you've got them styled to the nines!

  • Make sure you've got the right fit sweater
  • Brighten up the white with some accessories
  • Sass it up with a colored or denim jacket
  • If jeans aren't your thing, pair it with leggings
  • Patterned or print cardis go great with plain white
  • Mini suede skirts will for sure add flare
  • Wear your sweater over a dress and carry it all through winter

Just because the rule "says" no white after Labor Day, doesn't mean we have to totally abide, breaking the rules can be fun!


xxoo Modish 

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