Choosing The Right Wedding Guest Outfit

Alright ladies, wedding season is upon us! So let's talk about picking the right wedding guest outfit!

  1. Pastel Colors: Go for pastel undertones like peach, mint or off-white without stepping into the white territory and choose something that is simple, but stands out.
  2. Soft Pleated Midi Dress: Wear something that is soft on your skin and elegant.
  3. Two Piece Outfits: Two-piece dresses as they are turning out to be a hot favorite of most women
  4. Floral and Sheer: The delicate floral threadwork for the body, and the sheer extension that flows below the knees gets you all kinds of beach ready.
  5. Lace Dress: Weddings and lace are synonymous, leave the whites to the bride and go for pastel or muted undertones.
  6. Asymmetrical Dresses: These are sure to stand out in the crowd

Follow us next week for wedding guest do's and don'ts!


xxoo Modish