Day Date, Night Date. You Name It!

Day Date, Night Date. You Name It!

The weather is going to start warming up soon, thank gosh!! It's almost time to breathe some fresh out, get outside, have some fun and plan some cute Spring dates! 

1-Spring time picnic: so where I live, this might be harder because it doesn't always warm up in spring enough, but if you're in the warmth, grab a blanket and get out there!

2- Farmers Market: pick up some fresh produce or flowers

3- Vineyard tour: spring is a great time for this. Not to hot, not too cold. Perfect for walk up and down those grape lines

4- Go to the zoo: the animals LOVE the cooler, but sunny weather so be sure to check them out

5- Pick wildflowers: make your favorite bouquets of those flowers that only bloom in the spring

6- Visit a coffee shop: spring still gives you some chilly days, so have a cup of joe to warm up

There are so many things to do when the sun starts shinning and warming up the days! Take advantage of it because it's one of the best times of the year!

xo Modish

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