Don't Chap Those Lips!

Keeping in the context of skincare and keeping it glowing this winter, let's talk about lips! They get so dry, chapped and peel..... yuck! I know from my own experience that it's the worst!

So, how can we make this not be a thing anymore??

  • Buff away the dead skin: get a good lip scrub and exfoliate them
  • Apply a hyaluronic acid serum: helps the lips maintain moisture and keeps the skin plump and dewy
  • Consistently apply a moisturizing ointment 
  • Protect your lips with SPF: even in the winter months, the sun can get you!
  • Cover your lips with a petroleum based product: especially at night
  • Consider lip sleep masks  
  • Use a humidifier at night: keep your room less dry 

The winter months are rough; physically and mentally even. So keep yourself looking and feeling good!


xxoo Modish