Dressing For Spring

Dressing For Spring

While spring is a beautiful time of the year, it can be hard to know what to wear. You know, those days when it's colder in the mornings but warmer in the afternoon? Do you dress for the warmth or the cold?

  • Dress in layers: Cardigans, denim jackets, sweaters, you name it! Something you can easily take off 
  • Long sleeve dresses: try a long sleeve midi dress, it'll give you the best of both worlds
  • Blazers with flowy skirts: again, something you can take off if needed
  • Ditch the skinnies: time to pull out the white denim or straight leg jeans
  • Embrace the white sneakers: for the fresh, clean spring look
  • Spring footwear: chunky heels and wedges, open back or open toe, leather or suede
  • Mix up the floral: add in the spring floral style and the pastel colors

Remember, it's time to brighten up the style and show off a little "leg"!

xxoo Modish

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