Dressing For The Heat

Dressing For The Heat

Phew! I don't know about you, but somedays when it's so hot, it's so hard to decide what the heck to wear. You want something cute, but not clingy. You want something airy, but not see-through. You want something light, but not showing off things that we just don't want shown. 

So now what? 

  • Stick to fabrics that fall away from the skin. The less touching you, the cooler you'll feel.
  • Opt for cotton. Avoid synthetic fabrics at all costs. They'll stick you like glue
  • Go light or bright colors
  • Consider your feet. Heat escapes from our feet and heads so wearing sandals will really help.
  • Embrace the cutout. Hey, it's build in ventilation!
  • Avoid tight jeans
  • Wear a sports bra

Keep it cool babes!!

xxoo Modish

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