Dressing For The Interview

Dressing For The Interview

It's 2022 and woman in the workplace don't have to just sport the boring black suit style anymore. So let's talk about how you can dress to impress and still be fashionable and classy. 

First of all, do your research. Know your audience. Know the company. 

Secondly, don't wait until the day of to pick this out. Plan ahead. There's nothing worse than rushing because you can't figure out what to wear. 

Pay attention to the details. Don't sport a wrikley top and scuffed up shoes. Bust out the iron and polish up the heels. 

Don't over accessorize with big bliny jewelry. And if makeup is your daily thing, just wear it as you would on a day out. Smokey eyes aren't really the first impression you want to give.

Now, I'm not saying you need to go out and get new perfume or a manicure, but ladies, don't spritz on too much or show up with your nails looking hit like you've been in the garden all day. 

Make sure you wear the clothing that you already know you physically feel good in. We don't need you having blisters so bad you can hardly walk or those pants you're dying to unbutton just so you can breathe for 10 seconds. 

And lastly, if you haven't worn those dress pants in a while, air them out so they don't smell like moth balls or the bottom of the dresser. 

Ladies, we've come a long way in the work force. You got this!!

xxoo Modish

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