Fall Fashion Trends For 2022

Well ladies, we are officially into the fall fashion! So let's talk trends! What's hot right now, what styles are in or out and how to wear them for an occasion.

  • Power Suits: think structured shoulders, crisp lapels, vests, and cinched-in belted waists. They exude poised confidence, dominate board rooms, and turn heads wherever they may be – think of how Gatsby would dress
  • Luxe Leather: think biker babe meets female empowerment! We're expanding past the traditional Motto style jacket; we're taking over pants, blazers, crop tops, and dresses mixed with cool hardware and elevated combat boots
  • Faux Fur: make it a statement. You want that fur to stand out in the crowd!
  • Heavy weight leather jackets: thick hides in many shapes and styles and you'll find this jacket around for decades to come.
  • Statement Boots: think metallic, neon, prints. Stand out girl!
  • Upcycled or Vintage: bringing back old trends and checking out some of those resale items 
  • Oversized Blazer: a fall must have. Spice up your denim and graphic tee
  • Plaid Pattern: mix with leather or faux fur and GIRL you are it!!

xxoo Modish