FALL in love. - Modish Lily

FALL in love.

Ah, yes... the four letter word everyone adores.

No, not love..

FALL babes! F A L L. My favorite F word.  

So many amazing things one could say about fall, but I'll just start with my personal fave: Sweater weather. 

Sweaters are my JAM and the best part about them is they can be dressed up or down. In top or dress form. For literally every occasion. Headed to the pumpkin patch? Sweater. Bonfire? Sweater. Date night? Sweater dress. Breaking up with your boyfriend or girlfriend? Sweater.

The good news is whatever occasion it is, we have you covered, sis! Honestly, probably too covered considering half of my closet is occupied with our sweaters and sweater dresses. Once you fall in love with Modish sweaters, I promise you're not ever going back!



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