Feel A Bit Like Oliva Pope

Feel A Bit Like Oliva Pope

So Christmas is just a few days away! Can you even believe it!? Are you ready? Shopping done? Gifts wrapped? Dinner menu prep? Outfits picked?

I tell you what, the Holidays sure can be stressful; especially for us ladies! So babes, I'm here to tell you to take a load off!! Sit back and have a glass of wine and popcorn.

Don't stress about everything being perfect, because let's face it, it's NEVER perfect no matter how hard we try.

But for real, going into 2022, I'm taking on the mindset of manifesting! Tell yourself that it's going to be amazing!

Every gift will look perfectly wrapped, the meal is going to taste fantastic and you are going to have an AMAZING time with friends and family.

And why!?! Because darn it, you deserve it! You are super women; super mom, super wife, super friend, super everything!!

Let that sit in for a second, then pour that glass of wine, put on your slippers and RELAX!! And hey, you'll even fell a little like Oliva Pope!

Merry Christmas Babes!

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