Handbags Are A Girls Best Friend

Handbags Are A Girls Best Friend

We don't know about you ladies, but handbags are one of our favorite accessories!! They can make an outfit complete! So let's talk about the different styles so you can pick what's best for you!

  • Shoulder Bag: the most popular bag stye, the holy grail if you will! Even though it's called a "shoulder" bag, many have both short handles and longer shoulder straps. A lot of times, women like to carry them on their arm for a fashion statement.
  • Tote Bag: the big kahuna of bags! These are for those women that carry the world in their bag!
  • Crossbody Bag: this bag just makes life easier. Designed to wear across your body to keep you "hands free".
  • Satchel Bag: like a crossbody, but usually smaller and a different shape. 
  • Clutch Bag: perfect for a night out when you just need to hold the basics.
  • Bucket Bag: they are just as they sound. Usually bigger in size and can be carried as a crossbody or handheld.
  • Messenger Bag: typically used when carrying laptops or other "work things" but for those busy moms, these ROCK!
  • Backpack Bag: ideally smaller than your usual school bag, but dang girls, talk about practical. No need to use your hands with this one!

Showcase your personality first then pick the style that best suits you!


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