Hitting 2022 HARD

Hitting 2022 HARD

Well the Holidays are over and it's officially a New Year!! How in the world did that happen?? Seriously, as we get older, the years just fly by! Each year people make plans, resolutions, goals and more. But statistics show most people don't stick with them for longer than THREE months!

Well Modish Lily is here to tell you that we have some AMAZING plans for 2022 and we will be sticking them out each step of the way (plus we want to share those goals with you!)

First and for most, as you all have seen, the Gypsy Mod Mobile is in construction MODE! We just about doubled our size and space, which means DOUBLE THE SHOPPING FUN for you!! We'll be taking this baby on the road by March and cannot wait to share her!

Secondly, we are making a goal to get ourselves into TWO more stores this year, to make us more easily to be found for those shoppers that don't want to just stop online. 

Our next goal is to make the online shopping experience easier! We've already got our app in place, text service running, website up and a killer Facebook group, but we are going to buckle down on making each one of those avenues pain free for YOU!

Last but not least, GIVEAWAYS!! We always want you to know how much we love and appreciate each and every one of you! Which is why our giveaways are getting a facelift!

We hope your 2022 goals are ready for action too! Feel free to share then with us in the VIP Facebook group to help hold each other accountable.

xxoo Melissa + Julie

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