Layering For Fall

Layering For Fall

Fall is right around the corner, but sometimes, it can be the hardest time of the year to dress for! It's chilly in the morning, warmer in the afternoon and chillier in the evening again. 

So how can you combat that and still look fab without breaking out the winter parka yet?

  • Start with the basics: Pick a solid, neutral top that will go with anything.
  • Add a sweater: but make sure it's lightweight or knit.
  • Add a jacket: and belt it! Lock in the layers and show off that fab waistline
  • Add the bottoms: pick your poison. Pants, leggings, skirt, you name it!
  • Boots next: tall, short, skinny... add the sass.
  • Accessories: and have fun with it! Throw in some color and flare.

Fall fashion can be so fun!! It's time to break out a new wardrobe and new shoes! Layering makes it a whole new line of fun!


xxoo Modish

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