Leggings ARE Pants... If Styled Right Sis

Leggings ARE Pants... If Styled Right Sis

Okay, I don't know about you, but leggings are their own category in my closet, like meat and potatoes at dinner. And YES, I fully support the trend that leggings in fact ARE pants! BUT, girl you must style them properly or take a second look.

  • Make sure they are QUALITY
  • Wear the proper undergarments... think panty lines
  • Balance out the fitted bottom with loose tops
  • Stick to full length
  • Cover up that behind, literally!
  • Tall boots are a great way to accessorize
  • Layer-if you have a top that isn't tunic length, layer it with something under
  • Accessorize with vests, jackets and scarves

So ladies, leggings ARE pants, but wear them with thought. 


xxoo Modish 

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