Let's Cover The Booty!

Let's Cover The Booty!

Now that we've figured out what tops we can try, let's talk bottoms! There are so many different styles to choose from, those can be overwhelming too!

  1. High waist: High-waist swimsuit bottoms sit higher on your abdomen than traditional bikini bottoms. Some hit right at the belly button or above it, and some even go as high as just under your bust. This style is flattering on all body types, but can be especially flattering on hourglass and apple figures since it highlights the smallest part of your waist.

  2. High cut: Not to be confused with a high waist, the high-cut bikini gets its name for how high it sits on your hip bones. This silhouette dramatically elongates the leg, which is flattering to all shapes but particularly so on petite figures.

  3. Hipster: As the name implies, hipster bikini bottoms feature a wide band that sits right on your hips. They provide medium coverage across your backside and can either cut across your abdomen or feature a scoop design that shows more skin. 

  4. Boyshorts: Take a pair of traditional shorts and make them shorter and more form-fitting, and you'll get the boyshort bikini bottom. Some feature higher waists compared to others, but typically they cut off at the upper thigh. 

  5. Classic brief: This straightforward bikini bottom provides plenty of coverage across your backside without any of the extra fabric. It's a classic, universally flattering silhouette that pairs with almost any top.

  6. Cheeky: Cheeky bikini bottoms are very similar to the hipster, only they reveal a bit more skin at the front and back. This effect can help elongate your legs

  7. Side-tie: Also known as a "string bikini," this style simply refers to the ties used to secure the suit. It's available in various degrees of coverage and allows the wearer to adjust tightnessand size. This flexibility makes it perfect for all body shapes.

  8. Thong: Sometimes referred to as a Brazilian style swimsuit bottom, the thong features a narrow band of vertical fabric that covers a small portion of your butt. It's preferred by those who want to show off their backside, but also comes in handy if you want to prevent tan lines. The extreme version of this is a G-string bikini.

Okay, I think we've got the basics covered as far as swim styles. You've got your one-piece suits, tops and bottoms. Now's the time to go pick out what best fits your body and style.


Happy Summer!

xxoo Modish

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