Let's Get Some Bags!

Let's Get Some Bags!

Accessorize! Girl, accessories can make or break a killer look! Shoes, jewls, makeup, outerwear and BAGS! So what does your spring bag need to be??

  • The big bag: We like big bags and we cannot lie! Out with the mini, in with the big! You need room for a little bit of this and that
  • Wristlets: meh, not my fav, but hey, they're good for a quick on the go style 
  • Baguette: The versatile shape lends itself to holding just enough, while the strap can be used as a shoulder bag or a top handle.
  • Sequin or Metallic: you can't go wrong with adding a little flavor to your spring style

Are you ready for the minimalist look? A show stopper vibe? Or the all practical gal? Either way, make a statement with that bag sis!


xxoo Modish

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