Make Your Nails Match The Look

Make Your Nails Match The Look

What do your nails say about you? If you're anything like me, having your nails done just adds that extra bit of feeling pretty to your everyday look. So what colors should you break out this spring to that extra sass appeal?

  • Barbie Pink: barbicore is going no where. So break out that flirty fun!
  • Aqua Blues: Mermaid inspired colors. Aqua that sparkles green in sunlight
  • Sparkling Violet: a big trend this year
  • Shifting Metallic: this look is festive yet versatile
  • Juicy Watermelon: but not the fake "hot pink" shade. A bright, juicy pink with a hint of orange
  • Dove Gray: for the nude color vibes
  • Powdery Pink: a way to stay traditional 
  • Creamy Coral: a modern classic
  • Grape Candy: time to break out that nostalgic feeling
  • Teal: it feels deep and mysterious, yet vibrant
  • Deep Terracotta: when you're not ready to give up winter yet
  • Butter: a underrated form of yellow and beige
  • Muted Seafoam: the best way to wear green toned down with a hint of grey
  • Bright Weight: a classic
  • Rainbow Glitter: time to sparkle. it. up

No matter what vibe you're going for, any of these shades are sure to pass the srping test!


xxoo Modish

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