Making Your Home Cozy For Fall

Making Your Home Cozy For Fall

Not only do we want to make sure our wardrobe is ready for fall, but we want to make sure our homes are ready too! Let's talk cozy, comfort and cuteness!

  • Pile on the blankets: grab the throws and add them to your bedding, living room couch and comfy chairs
  • Change up your toss pillows: nothing is cozier than a pile of pillows to curl up in
  • Candles and more candles: the flicker of the flame is amazing. Then of course the scent adds perfection
  • Decorate your mantle: add in those fall colors; rusts, browns and earthy tones. And if you don't have a mantle, decorate those shelves
  • Add or change up curtains: again, add in the earthy tones
  • Decorate with plants: (my fav!!!) even if it's faux plants, it add in a warm feel 
  • Accent rugs: keep those toes warm
  • Pumpkins: outside ladies! Add those pumpkins and heck, even get some cute faux ones inside
  • Welcome mat: make sure you've got the fall vibes on this one

Are you ready to make your home cozy???

xxoo Modish

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