Packing To Travel

Packing To Travel

It's almost Summer... THANK GOSH! So that means vacations are coming! And if you're anything like, you love vacation but dreeeeeead the packing part! I literally could take my entire closet and still not have what I want. I don't know why it has to be so darn hard to just plan an outfit each day and stick to it. Probably because I'm an indecisive woman, but I mean, who isn't??

Alright so first things first, research where you're going. What's the weather like there during the time you're going?

Then plan your colors. Pick your neutrals and your darks and accent from there. Add in your accent colors, metals for jewelry and any layering pieces you may need for that outfit.

Next lay out all of your outfits and make sure they all go together. Put each piece of that outfit next to each or even try it all on. That way you know it goes together and you like it; everything down to the jewels. 

Finally, mix up a few things. Make sure that outfit A's top will go with outfit B's bottom. You never know when you'll change your mind. 

Throw in a few things to layer with incase you end up with a chilly day or night. Cardigans, jackets and scarves can all help with this. 

Lastly, don't add in a whole second wardrobe, but make sure you add in an extra outfit or two. Just to be safe!


Happy travels babe!

xxoo Modish 


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