Put On Your Summer Face

Put On Your Summer Face

Let's talk about your summer face. How do we complete or "accessorize" an outfit with our makeup and still be on trend yet cool for summer?

  1. Start with the right moisturizer: use an oil free moisturizer in the mornings. It's a great base to start with and keep your skin hydrated.
  2. Add in sunscreen: hydrating your skin is important, but so it keeping those harmful UV rays off. Putting makeup on over a sun burnt face is so not fun! Remember if you're outside, to reapply every 2 hours. 
  3. Invest in a good primer! They can really help hold makeup in place without feeling heavy.
  4. Wear less makeup. Try just using a tinted moisturizer on super hot days. 
  5. Glow up with bronzer. Add bronzer to the high points of your face.
  6. Skip the shimmer. Void cream foundations or anything too luminous. You don't need to add any extra shine.
  7. Go for sheer or nude shades.
  8. Use powder for your yes. Avoid using eye cream shadow.
  9. Ditch the powder blush. Cheek stains will stay on much better and won't cake like powders.
  10. Play with fun, vibrant colors.
  11. Swap heavy lipsticks for lip stains.
  12. Try waterproof versions of your favorite products.
  13. Store a blotting pad in your purse.
  14. Always finish with a setting spray.

Now that we've got some tips and tricks, it's time to stock up on our most cost effective and AMAZING makeup, Farmasi!


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