Sass It Up For Spring

Sass It Up For Spring

One my favorite things about "fashion" and accessorizing is HAIR! Why? Because it's just hair! You change it, alter it, get a little crazy with it, and it'll change everything. 

So hey, it's Spring, what should your hair be like??

  • Peachy: The shade is a unique marriage of apricot, buttery strawberry blonde, and rose pink. Bring on those pastel shades
  • Brunette Spectrum: Chestnut brown plays nicely with buttery brown, sand, and caramel gold. Start lightening it up for summer
  • Baby Pink Prosecco: this fun rose gold color is the perfect approach for spring hair
  • Shadowed Silver: this shade follows a gradient from black, grey, silver and finally to white blonde ends
  • Balayage Brunette: highlights of auburn, caramel, and deep toffee light up a darker brunette base
  • Creamy White Blonde: this shade is confident and sexy and perfect for long summer evenings

Then you've got the fun shades!

  • Unicorn 
  • Bubblegum
  • Ice Blue
  • Bubblegum Unicorn
  • Dusty Violet
  • Buttery Peach

These pastel colors really make a stance in your Spring fashion and vibes! So have fun with it! Remember, it's just hair, you can always change it back!



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