Self Care Is The Best Form Of Medicine

Self Care Is The Best Form Of Medicine

We all get in a funk from time to time, we're human and it's natural. But how do you get yourself back, get your head straight? Self care is a fantastic option!

Nutrition, stress reduction, exercise... let's talk!

  • Get some good sleep!
  • Take care of your gut
  • Exercise baby!
  • Say no to other, and yes to yourself
  • Take a quick trip
  • Spend time outside
  • Have a loving companion pet
  • Get organized
  • Cook at home
  • Read a book
  • Schedule in time for self care

So why do we as humans often fail at self care? The answer is easy, we get in our own way! Our jobs are too stressful, we don't shut it off at night, technology is in our way, we don't say no. Getting started with self-care as a routine is hard, but make a pact with yourself to TRY!!

xxoo Modish

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