Shorts Shorts Shorts Shorts

Shorts Shorts Shorts Shorts

Who knew there were so many different styles of SHORTS!? I mean, of course we know there are short shorts, booty shorts, boy shorts, Bermuda, etc. But seriously, did you know there are 40+ styles!? Girl, us either! So let's talk about those popular styles!

  • Denim Cut-Offs: the summer staple
  • Bermuda Shorts: longer, more tailored for a polished look
  • High Waisted: that retro vibe
  • Paper Bag: sinched waist and wide leg
  • Athletic Shorts: bike shorts
  • Cargo Shorts: multiple pockets, oh so practical!
  • Culottes: a mix between a shorts and skirt
  • Rompers: a one piece freedom!
  • Scalloped Hem: charming with a touch of whimsy
  • Skort: you know, shorts and a skirt, perfection!
  • Flared Shorts: wider leg
  • Board Shorts: perfect for lounging
  • Lace: delicate and romantic
  • Leather: bold and daring
  • Dolphin: curved hemline for an athletic look
  • Sailor: high waisted and decorative buttons

But for real, there's SO MANY MORE! Fringe, gaucho, embroidered, distressed, sequined, chino, pleated, suspender, wrap, linen, cuffed, ruffled, boyfriend.


So hey, don't ever think your shorts are just basic! They're so much more!

xxoo Modish

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