Spring Is In The Air....SOON!

Spring Is In The Air....SOON!

Spring is right around the corner, thank gosh!! So let's make sure you have the right colors in your wardrobe! This year's Spring 2022 fashion colors are AMAZING!

  • Soft Lilac: Light purple; which has a badass touch of a sleek, gray undertone and a pastel-like finish.
  • Canary Yellow: not too bright, not too pale. It has that wonderfully chalky look to it that makes it feel far more elevated than gold
  • Hot Pink: somewhere between a fuchsia and magenta lies this brilliant shade of pink
  • Salted Carmel: way more upbeat than khaki or classic tan. It's brighter than classic caramel and looks lovely contrasted by purple or played up by peach
  • Scarlet: the tinge of orange in this season's scarlet makes itself known
  • Sky Blue: whether for you it leans more cornflower or cyan, there's one thing undeniable about it: it reminds you of the sky

Alright, now that we know what's "in", how the heck do you wear these colors? Soft Lilac can be paired with just about anything, but would look FAB with white denim. Canary Yellow is a bit more vibrant, so pair this with your favorite denim and sandals for a more muted look. Hot Pink, well you just can't go wrong with this color; where it as you new favorite dress girlfriend! Salted Carmel, this color would look great paired with any black bottom or layering piece. Scarlet is a snazzy shade of orange that would be an amazing skirt shade! And Sky Blue, this is like Soft Lilac, it would look great with white denim and wedges! 

So what are you waiting for? Let's get you Spring ready!

xo Modish Lily

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