Summer Lovin'

Summer Lovin'

It's OFFICALLY summer, so let's make sure that closet is ready! What are the Summer 2022 fashion trends?

  1. Day time sparkles. Who says you have to save the bling for nights out!? Embellish your look and feel the sass!
  2. Beading. Especially when it comes to your accessories. Bags and earrings are the perfect way to add in some stunning beads.
  3. Platform shoes. I am here for it! Add some height, style and sass but without the foot ache from your stilettos. 
  4. Bright colors. I love a good earthy tone, especially in the cooler months. Bu this summer, bring on the color wheel!
  5. Crop tops. Alright, I know they aren't for everyone's taste, But if you like the look and fit, rock it sis! Own it!
  6. Textures. Fringe baby, FRINGE!!! Time to bring out the bold looks with fringe and feathers!
  7. Mini skirts. You don't always have to be modest and wear the cute maxi skirt. Throw on your minis, spice them up and rock it!
  8. Wear all white. It's effortlessly chic and so darn cute.

Happy Summer Babes!

xxoo Modish

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