Sunscreen...yay or nay?

Sunscreen...yay or nay?

So I think back to my high school and college years....tan was IN! We all did it, tanning beds, laying outside, sunless tanner, you name it!

Now I look at society and white is in! I mean, don't get me wrong, do I like to have a bit of color, heck ya! But am I okay being pasty, yupper.

Let's talk sun protectant. Ladies, USE IT! And here's why

  • It DOES indeed protect your skin from the harmful rays. But a lot of sunscreen users get burnt. Why? Because you need to reapply it often.
  • So use a lot! Cover your skin, and fully cover it. Don't just dab a small amount, soak that stuff in!
  • Don't use it solo. Wear a sun hat, glasses or protective "layers" to block out the rays.
  • It doesn't need to be greasy. The days of thick paste are over. Grab a good sun stick or spray and lather it on!
  • It's not just for girls. Tell your men to put it on too! 
  • Coconut oil alone is not a sunscreen.
  • Use a good, mineral-based sunscreen.

xxoo Modish

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