Swim Tops... All The Different Styles?

Swim Tops... All The Different Styles?

Alright, so we've gone over one piece suits, let's dive into those two pieces. Now who knew there were so many different style tops?! Psh, I sure didn't!

  1. Bandeau top: A bandeau bikini top is form-fitting and strapless, sometimes covering just the top part of the chest and sometimes expanding further, similar to a crop top.
  2. Cutout: These bikini tops stretch across your chest with a cutout section somewhere in the middle. Some cutout swim tops double as underwire bikinis.
  3. Halter top: A halter bikini top has ties that extend from the front of your chest around the back of your neck.
  4. Longline: Longline bikini tops extend farther down your torso than other bikini tops and can therefore be a middle ground between one-piece and two-piece swimsuits.
  5. Tankini: Similar to a tank top, a tankini top extends down to your swim bottoms. This style of swim top can offer a great deal of coverage while still being part of a two-piece set.
  6. Triangle top: Many people deem triangle bikini tops to be the most classic style of bikini top. It comprises two triangular pieces of fabric for your chest, which attach with string ties.

So know that you know all the different top styles, next week we should pair those with the bottoms!!

xxoo Modish

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