The Inevitable Sunburn

The Inevitable Sunburn

Okay, as much as we try to stay away from a sunburn, it almost never fails that at some point in that hot summer sun, you'll get a bit sun kissed. So how do we treat it?

  • Cool Water: Jump in the lake or ocean, avoid chlorine though and as much as that ice cube sounds amazing, don't do it! It can damage your extra sensitive sunburned skin.
  • Baking soda and oatmeal bath: Throwing a few heaping tablespoons of baking soda into a bathtub full of cool water and soaking for about 15 to 20 minutes. Avoid scrubbing your skin.
  • Aloe: If you don't have an Aloe plant yet, get one! Breaking off a chunk of the plant and applying the gel directly to the skin provides immediate, soothing relief from the sting of minor sunburn.
  • Chamomile Tea: Soak a washcloth in cool tea and apply to the affected area.
  • Wear loose clothing: Don't let it stick to your skin, ouch!
  • Drink lots of water: Stay hydrated
  • Don't forget to moisturize: Use scent and dye free and give that skin some TLC

But ladies, use the sunscreen. And if you haven't found your favorite one yet, we can help with that!


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