What Do Your Shoes Say About Your Outfit?

What Do Your Shoes Say About Your Outfit?

No outfit is complete without the right pair of shoes! So let's talk about how to complete those spring fever styles!

  • Ballet Flats: After a winter filled with boots and wool socks, slipping on a pair of flats sound half bad!
  • Lace up! Those lacey up heels and sandals.. girl!!
  • Metallic: sassy..... I think so! Add some flare and color to your look
  • The Pointed Toe: boots are more of the rounded or square style, been there done that sorta thing! So we have to bust out the style in our pointed toe heels
  • Clogs: not your father's clogs or your standard crocs, but add in comfort and cuteness and BOOM!
  • Slouchy boots: still phasing out the cooler months, so don't totally put the boots away, the slouchy boot is the way to go!
  • The Mary Jane: flat soles to sneakers, these shoes never looked so good!
  • Elevated Cowboy boots: don't put on those average joes, but throw on the metallic cowboy boots or boots with color

There are so many fun ways to sass up a spring look! So what do your shoes say about your outfit??



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