Why Water?

Why Water?

So it's summer. It's hot. Thirst is a real thing! But dang it if drinking water isn't sometimes a struggle. I mean, let's be real, it's not the most flavorful thing. I'd for sure rather grab a lemonade or a seltzer. But, really that good quality H20 is what we need to stay hydrated.

Here's why:

  • Water helps maintain bodily fluids: saliva, digestion, absorption and body temp.
  • Helps with calorie control: food with high water content also help you feel full longer; hence the calorie control
  • Water helps energize muscles: replace the water you've sweat out
  • Helps your skin look good: locks in the moisturizer
  • Keeps your kidneys in check: and helps your kidneys keep your body clean
  • Maintains bowel function: which in turn keeps your body healthier

So while drinking water isn't always the most "fun", it is healthy and beneficial to your body, skin and overall health. 


xxoo Modish

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