Your Spring Face

Your Spring Face

Spring has sprung ladies!!! And it's time to break out the pastel colors, sandals, denim jackets and SPRING COLORS! So while you've got the stye down, how do we make the face match??

  • Blue Liner: Navy blue is the perfect choice for all around drama
  • Shimmer Sparkle: Tap on an iridescent shade, add in some blush and gloss and boom!
  • Sunset Eyes: Bright orange on the lid and under the lower lash, then finish it with black liner
  • Cloud Skin: soft, haze and from within
  • Smudgy Black Liner: giving that lived in look and not so bold
  • Pretty In Pink: add some hot shadow right in the crease of the lid
  • Batwing Liner: helps open the eyes and makes them look a bit wider
  • Two Tone Liner
  • Mint: add a pop of mint
  • Flushed Lips: makes the lips look a bit blurred out
  • Pastel Lids: using the pastel colors to brighten the mood

Have fun with the colors, go bold or subtle. Either way, you're going to look fab!



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