Your Valentines Face

Your Valentines Face

So we've got the perfect outfit covered depending on the occasion, but how about the "look".  What does your makeup say about you?

  • Pink cut crease: hot pink shades onto softer pink shades
  • Frosted glam: use a cream or balm highlighter on lids and high points of your face
  • Reds: plump up the lip shade with hot reds
  • Shimmery blush: rose gold lips, cheeks and lids using an iridescent foil or eye shadow
  • Soft lavender: tired pinks? Add in soft purple to your cheeks and lips
  • Major blush: give that love struck look with a high hit of blush
  • Bold liner: this can really make the eyes pop when done right. But don't overdue it and look unnatural
  • Green liner: again tired of that pink? The green liner adds sass and class all in one
  • Sunset tones: a wash of bronzy tones and shadows
  • Bronze smoke: the "never go wrong" look that will make your date melt 
  • Soft smoke: keep the definition closer to the outer parts of the eye
  • A 'natural: add a hint of nude and mascara for a basic, date night in vibe

No matter what look you pick, you'll be stunning sis!!


xxoo Modish 

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